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Originally Posted by snowman81 View Post
Looking good muzz...and thanks again for the tires. Someday I'll start with mods, but I need to get all the issues worked out of this car first. I see a couple shops getting thrown around, anyone good that can diagnose CEL code P0171 and P0174? They are bank 1 and 2 lean...I'm thinking either a vacuum leak or bad MAF. I guess it could be a slew of other things too, but I want to find a place that won't rip me off. Also having issues with the radio shutting off on its own and coming back on. Charged the battery with the CTEK i just got, but that didn't fix it. Almost considered trading it in, but I'm gonna give it a shot.
After doing some research on the forum, it seems like the issue could be the 2 things you posted (MAF,Vacuum leak). I wonder how hard it is to take the MAF and clean it. I was searching for a vacuum line diaphragm but did not find one. If you can find one, you can follow the vacuum lines and see where the leak could be.
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