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I'm a bit into hifi and have built myself a lot of speakers so this is what I use on any of my equipment when checking things out. In no particular order

Under a Glass Moon, Dream Theater - this one has a great bass check line in the very beginning, and due to some odd mastering gives a good check against tilted freq response

Cave In, Owl City - good check for the smoothness of bass and a sibilance check

Muse, Infected Mushroom - overall good check for speed/coherency

Jupiter, Toronto Symphony 1986 - midrange check. strings are vital for this

Dream, Priscilla Ahn - solo guitar and voice checking balance and to make sure there isn't any funky mid bass action going on (guitar sounds unbalanced if that's the case) additionally can get suss out sibilance

Hotel CA, The Eagles(Hell Freezes Over live) - kickass song btw glad you've got it. Covers a lot of things. Pay attention to the kickdrum at the beginning. It should thump your chest (down to 28hz) if it doesn't your subbass isn't up to the challenge.

Godwacker/Cousin Dupree, Steely Dan - great recordings for detail and drumset. these recordings should sound unnaturally tight if your speakers are doing their job.

Colors Dance, George Winston - mandatory solo piano piece. Sometimes I use Beethoven Sonata #8 by Mari Kodama instead for this

Fanfare for the Common Man, London Phil - just plain epic checks brass and dynamic headroom

That covers a lot of bases but I've got a lot of stuff I'll go through as need be depending on the intended usage of the system. I've also got a lot of test tones, warbles, sweeps, phase checks, etc which I usually spend 5-10min on in the middle of going through songs.

Cool thread! I'm always looking for some good songs to add

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