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Originally Posted by threethirtyfive View Post
Have you thought to take a peak at it yourself? ...
Yes, LESSON LEARNED indeed - Next time, I will 100% be investigating it BEFORE delivering it, if at all. I really thought it was the wiper motor - a few quick searches since then (this is the lesson learned part...arg) and I might have thought otherwise.

Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Wtf a wiper linkage for my Nissan was all of $38 with free shipping what a total rip off
Indeed. I have since discovered I could order it online myself, OEM, for about $70 + shipping. What's the other $430 for?!

Originally Posted by 07lilredwagon View Post
... what wore out on the linkage?
a gear, a bushing? ...

found this on another forum:
On mine (E46 touring ) the wiper has seized a couple of times over the 4 years i have had the car, ...
This is another quote which prompted me to search myself also. Learned to SEARCH HERE FIRST before thinking the Stealership will be nice enough to tell me to just go buy a can of lube. (for the *car...* not my pooper as their charges would suggest they prefer)

Originally Posted by jwzimm View Post
One other thing. You have the right to get your old parts back. ...
Tru Dat. I will be asking for it. For $500, I will expect it to be mounted on a mahogany backboard.

Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
... I dunno how much the part actually costs for a BMW but lets use common sense--dealers get from $160 to $200 to change the microcabin filter, so their charges do not imply that the part is expensive.
You are dead right - $70. And that's online retail, not dealership wholesale! The rest is gravy.

Originally Posted by BOBKUR View Post
Welcome to the world of BMW.
Sometimes I think your better off with a indy service policy.
I will start by poking around on my own next time - I was so certain it was the motor, it never occured to me to consider otherwise. Next time... I will most certainly consider otherwise. Off CPO or Non-CPO items: Indy time, my friend. Indy time.

Thanks to everyone for your input. It was an expensive lesson, but I've learned it.