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Total ripoff, come on guys don't let your selfs be at mercy at the dealers, figure out a way to fix it yourself, or a least source the parts for cheaper and find a good indy.

Its like when my side mirror motor broke, the mirror assembly is $500 dollars plus another 500 for the dealers to install it, I found one on ebay for $50 bucks that was mis labeled as a e36 mirror assembly and installed it in about a hour.

Even if I didn't get lucky there was tons on there for $150-200. The one I got looked brand new way better shape then the one on my car.

Reminds me of the guy who paided 1300 at the dealer to replace the waterpump, you can get it at tischer or for like $350 (N52), and at least have a indy shop install it if your not comfy with DIY.

Dealers are irrelevant once your out of warranty.
Gotta pay to play.