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Originally Posted by vapore0n View Post
Has OP washed the towels? This sounds like the problem when you wash towels and add softener. Or when towels are just old.

Time to buy new ones.
Try and dry the car at the car wash place too. That will minimize water spots and dirt scratches.
I agree. Make sure you wash the towel with microfiber detergent. I always use the "clean washer" setting to rinse out any regular laundry soap and softener from the machine before I wash my microfiber towels. I even rinse out the tray where you put the softener to make sure there isn't any when I wash them. I'm may have a small OCD problem.

Anyway, to dry the car I usually fold the towel in half twice, spray some QD on it, and blot dry the section I just washed from the top down. This avoids dragging anything across the paint.