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A wee bit of 1 series advice gents

Hi gents.

Long time no speak

I know this isn't an E90 but I know (and like ) you guys and would rather ask you than introduce myself on a 1 series board.

So, my bro in law has pretty much dropped a deposit on a little 116d at a local car dealership (not BMW might I add). Nothing too special.....just seems like a sound little car.

I have given it a quick eyeball and have found a few cosmetic things that I have asked for them to sort or no deal (cracked rear light, big scrape etc) but haven't had a run in the car yet, i hope to do that tonight before he finalizes but just wanted to clarify before hand if there are any gotchas to look for, mechanically more-so on the 116d?

Is this basically the same lump that was in my E90 with a low blow turbo?

Ill be looking for smokey start ups, smoke when driving, smooth boost etc, all that good stuff.....although I am guessing its going to be a bit less pokey than the 163 engine.

Ill also be giving every-single-button a make sure all the electrics work. Any way of finding error codes quickly through the OBC? Same as the E90?

Anything else? Its a 2009 car so I am assuming its a start-stop?

I am also a wee bit confused (and dubious tbh) as it is advertised as a "Sport", its not an M-Sport (no M bumpers, alcantara, squishy steering wheel etc) but it is advertised as having sport suspension etc. It does have nice seats (thigh support jobbies) but no climate control. It has parking sensors. its almost like a bit of an SE spec with a bit more, but not everything.

Was there an official sport model that wasn't M-Sport?

I had an eyeball at the logbook and it is listed as a Sport.......

Is there anyone that knows or can check that? Local BMW were less than helpful this morning in finding me info on a car that was of no benefit to them.

Here is a link to the little car, would appreciate any input gents.

p.s. fck I miss my E90.