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As it's 2009 it will have a DPF (unlike yours) and thus there's be no smokey smell or appearance from behind, the DPF removes all of that.

As far as I believed I knew: Sport usually means M sport. But there's no CC on the 1 series (just aircon with dials) full stop as far as I know?

Mine is listed as a 335d Sport and it's the M sport variant. Maybe it's different though.

No way to quickly find error codes I'm afraid. Make sure there are no services due very soon. Also if the pads say 20k left on them, visually check as they should have close to a centimeter of pad thickness at that kind of life. One thing some dealers might do is just reset the service indicator (which can be done through the stalk).

I'd be slightly wary of a dealer willing to put an obviously scratched (badly as you said) car on their forecourt in the one breath: But at least it does also show a lower probability of them trying to hide something I suppose.

Make sure service history shows regular mileage as that life of car could be ex fleet and feasibly clocked. Very difficult to check really though.

Is it manual or auto out of interest?

The engine is the same as what you used to have but the turbo is a much better and more reliable unit.

Tell him to get it remapped as he'll be able to get it to at least 150. The standard 115 or whatever bhp is pretty terrible. But there's quite a bit of tuning potential even with the baby turbo and different injectors (AFAIK the only differences).

Erm, can't think of anything else!!
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