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yes....spelt with J's
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Great input, thanks chaps.....

Yeah, definitely not an M-sport as it doesn't have the deep bumpers etc and is a wee bit sparse inside. But saying that, it is a clean car and it WILL be the best car HE has ever had, so I am all for it.

As long as the dealer fixes the scratch/light and I am happy with it mechanically, I know he will love it.

i was just mighty confused about the spec. You know, lovely seats and no climate. Seemed odd. But still, it has everything he will need and now I am just down to bartering points.

I am not expecting much in the drive tonight, just to make sure nothing is obviously wrong. mileage was verified through an HPI/service book and my only bummer was that the services were not done by BMW, but a simple garage. i will be picking up on this tonight too. This is all in the service book.

the warranty they are providing is a typical dealer affair but everything that I would be worried about seems to be included, I guess the devil is in the T's and C's as always with these.

oh and Megs, its a manual.