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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
As it's 2009 it will have a DPF (unlike yours) and thus there's be no smokey smell or appearance from behind, the DPF removes all of that.

As far as I believed I knew: Sport usually means M sport. But there's no CC on the 1 series (just aircon with dials) full stop as far as I know?

No way to quickly find error codes I'm afraid. Make sure there are no services due very soon. Also if the pads say 20k left on them, visually check as they should have close to a centimeter of pad thickness at that kind of life. One thing some dealers might do is just reset the service indicator (which can be done through the stalk).

Make sure service history shows regular mileage as that life of car could be ex fleet and feasibly clocked. Very difficult to check really though.
Yes, seats and front bumper show it as a Sport (SE and Msport have different exterior identifiers).

First time i've seen a 1 series without CC actually! Dials, how old fashioned
CC is the same panel used in the E9x series cars pre-facelift.

You can't just reset the brake pad wear indicator on front or rear without new pad wear sensors on the 1 series. If you put new pads in and try and reuse the old sensor (even if it hasn't been ground through) the computer will NOT reset. You HAVE to use a new pad wear sensor. Ask me how i know

As for service history, if it's all been done at BMW main dealers then one call to BMW GB (it's a 1/minute number unfortunately!) will give you all the information on every service - where, when, how much, what was done, the lot. Or you could just ring each dealer and ask them to confirm.
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