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Question Need scratch repair advice...

Ok, as most people know I'm pretty finicky about my paint finish. Well the horrific happened yesterday - at the supermarket somebody put a couple of scratches in my front left fender, towards the bottom, behind the wheel.

Well, today I finally mustered up the nerve and looked closely and there's a small dent with it too! I went to my autobody shop, and he said that they would take out the dent with a paintless dent repair and then he would try to buff out the scratches. He said that he could possibly get 80-90% of them out otherwise the fender would need to be painted.

My other option is to get a separate paintless dent repair from a guy I know who is very good and then try to buff the scratches by hand and live with whatever's left.

What do you guy's suggest I do?

I would go with the autobody shop but I don't want to end up with an overzealous tech who ends up giving me paint burn and having to re-paint the fender. The PDR guy I know originally did PDR on the BMW assembly line in Munich and set up shop in Minneapolis about 7 years ago. He even goes to CA to work on the high end cars there.

The only thing I don't like about that is that they use small mallets on the outside of the paintjob. I really want to minimize the damage and not exacerbate anything else. Chime in fella's!