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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
If this is all the car ever does you may have a problem with exhaust (moisture build up) but Nothing serious in engine. You need to get it up to temp to dry it out every now and then.

In theory thats a slight possibility butt you cant take everything you read literally. If that was the case there would be fried turbos everywhere. They get cooled...I've never heard of this happening to anyone.
The reason why there are turbo timers are because if you drive spirited, and then shut off the car right away, the oil in oil-cooled turbos will just boil and cook. Turbo timers keep the engine running, and keep the oil circulating to get a chance to cool down sufficiently. I'm not scientist, I don't have a thermostat hooked up to the oil temps, but it's always good practice (certainly with older turbo'ed cars), to lay off the go pedal a few minutes before reaching your destination/sit in your car while checking your phone.

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