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Originally Posted by jetbill View Post
I sourced some E85 from a place in Tampa that stores it for personal use of cars, I believe they said they get it from Bollinger

I ran 5.5 gallons for a full tank of 93 mix. I did get some timing corrections but under 3 degrees.

I'd like to get a bigger storage tank and try thortons since its a bit of a drive.

The car feels great, I'm watching my logs closely. I did have to tune out some throttle closures but they were minor.

My STFT was no more than about 15% positive. Tried to increase scalar to about E35 but just like you say that test kit might be worth the investment for $20-30 bucks to be a little more specific.

My immediate requirement is I'd like to try to tune out my timing drops after a gear change. It's a AT, goes from 15 degrees to about (-15) after the shift. (IJEOS).

Not much of a drop in mpg's - I was expecting a larger decrease as I drive about 70 miles a day.
I have been running an E45 map for a couple of months now and my MPG has only dropped by about 2. I should have the test kit early next week and will let you know what the results are. I'm sure Jake@PTF will increase timing on the next revision since my last log was clean.