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Originally Posted by Sparky68 View Post
Would never use Swiftcover again! When my 330 vert was taken out by a Spanish lorry driver, the police were 2 cars behind and witnessed the whole event. Driver "pedro" admitted liability at the scene, Swiftcover accepted the Police findings, my account and the statement of the driver.

Cut a long story short, 2 years later i get a big hike on my premium because somebody lost the lorry drivers insurance details and they could not pursue his insurance for the costs. Put it down on my record as a fault claim due to their incompetence!

That really sucks. Made me a bit scared as I thought i had just taken out insurance with them but it turns out it was Swintons.

I used Swintons as it's who the BMW dealer recommended and they were way cheaper than anything I could find online.
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