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Paul, I love the fact that you are looking for feedback already.

One thing that annoys me on websites is that when you search for something (lets say brake pads), they list 10 different types/sizes/makes. I would love to see the 'most commonly bought' items or maybe some statistics/feedback on them.

An example would be that once an item has been purchased, you can ask the buyer which model car they have. You can then also use this information for a search and you can see what the most common parts sold are etc.

Ideally, I would love to see:
- Brembo Brake Pads -
- Bought by 145 people -
- 97% of buyers owned 335d. 3% of buyers owned 330d.

This instantly fills me with confidence and also confirms that the item would fit my car!

I hope the above makes sense!