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Heritage Meadows Calgary BMW

Brought my vehicle in for simple maintenance servicing and having ac unit fixed. 3 days later went to pick it up and my rear bumper had 3 long scratches on both sides. My theory is that someone tried backing it up into a tight space and it got scratched up.

Anyways I told them this was unacceptable and I wouldn't accept my car like this. They tried arguing that the scratches were there previously. I told them I have pictures that say otherwise. After half an hour of going back and fourth they said they would fix it out of good will even though it wasn't there fault. They wouldn't accept reliability but they'd fix it?

2 weeks go by and no phone call or emails. I go in to the dealership and ask what's going on and what's taking so long. The manager tells me the cars fixed up and ready. Noone called me

I check out the damage and it's gone. However I also checked my odometer and it had "magically" gotten an additional 100km on it.

Overall i am not pleased with them and refuse to go back.