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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Great to hear you made it 120k miles..I'm looking at a 335i with 78k miles on it for $16,800. Any tips? Maintenances I should worry about..the big one for my N52 was the valve cover gasket..ran me almost $400. What do I have to worry about the 335..doesn't the water pump cost about a grand to fix? It's CPO if that means anything..
At 78K miles....that car is just broken in. Get a carfax and research what was done to the should have been under warranty for the first 50K so make sure the owner was taking it in and maintaining it.

get the VIN and call a good BMW SA and see if they can help you, be polite and just explain your situation on buying and need some input on what was done to the car.

Look to see if the prior owners had the carbon build up cleaned out, injectors changed, HPFP changed, etc......

Check the inside of the tires for wear...probably due for some new tires.. take it for a ride with windows closed, everything off and listen for rattles in front suspension. Listen for whinning turbos.....listen for ticking....kidding, these motors are very ticky!

Prepare on the water pump being are $500 if you can twist a wrench....I think stealers want $1500 and indi's get $1000 ????

Your HPFP is under warranty for 10 years and 120,000 miles so no worries, even though its a $250 part and a few hours of labor.

Good luck, but this is my 4th BMW and for good reasons, they are great cars, well engineered and not that difficult to fix with the help of the forum members....keep searching this forum as these cars are pretty much the same in regards to problems.

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