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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
We don't know if your amplifier is turning on.

We don't know what is connected to the amplifier inputs.

Please post a picture of your head unit wiring.

I've done many head unit installs, and I wouldn't do one without a voltmeter. I wouldn't work on a BMW without a voltmeter.

The most common problem with head unit installs in BMWs is powering the wrong lead for amp turn on.

So are you retaining the head unit in the car?
Thanks for the insight VP. I think the amplifier turning on/off is what the problem is but I'm not sure how to check that or get that to work. I was not aware that I needed to do anything with the amplifier inputs and as such, never touched anything that had to do with the amplifier. I only had the Metra harness plugged into the OEM harness and no other wires running anywhere else in the car. I'm at work and can't post pictures at the moment but I will get to those as soon as I can. For now, I don't plan on retaining the OEM unit in the car. I just want to get the Pioneer deck in there and working with sound.

Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
Just out of curiousity, why isn't the retailer who sold you the hardware providing tech support?
I bought everything off of Amazon and their knowledge of BMW car audio (highly doubt there is any) doesn't compare to what I can find on here. I tried putting the head unit in my buddy's truck and everything worked perfect there, sound and all (he also has a Pioneer deck and we just plugged his existing harness into my deck).

Thanks again for everyone's help on this one!