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Originally Posted by BigBoosting View Post
I think you are missing the entire point. It was said 1000x that the Vishnu pump works, everyone knows that.

What people are complaining about, and rightfully so, is the fact that the pump was touted as the end all be all solution. As the only solution available that works. How all other solutions are a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. All this without a single shred of evidence to back up his claims. Thats what people are upset about. And as it turns out the Vishnu pump setup is nowhere near as glamorous at how it was marketed.

It has nothing to do with weather or not the Vishnu pump works or not. It was about him bashing the other solutions and come to find out it was basically BS.

It comes down to intentionally trying to manipulate and mislead the consumer. Thats fine if that is how you want to run your business. But there are and always will be people who are intelligent enough to ask questions and when they do you just might get called the eff out.
Umm has any of "Vishnus" claims been in actuallity disproven?

The walbro replacement pump was shown to work in a car for a extended duration right? But you give up some of the factory design elements if you do that.

I am sure that you could simply fab up that pump in series and run that for "less" money but the trade off is time figuring everything out your self (the right size tubing/fittings/eletrical....) As well as testing (your new pump solution will be a one of a kind horray!) .

If you really have the time / find that sort of thing fun or challenging / are flat broke and somehow can't get the extra 300$ you could try that.

As far as parrallel pumps has anyone tried that on thier N54?