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And then the big question is, can you use the wires inside the slip ring for anything you want? For example, if you didn't use the phone button, could you use that button for, say, a remote mute for your radar detector?

A: AFAIK, the signals that travel through these wires are intermixed with each other in such a way that it's not easy or not possible to piggyback signals on existing wires, even if a button is unused.

But this is just my understanding based on lots of web research - I'd really love to hear from someone who really knows their sh*t here!

Few more pics:

1: slip ring next to bottom of steering wheel
2: slip ring as it fits together with steering wheel
3: looking down on steering wheel (air bag removed and middle cover with buttons removed) - you can see the slip ring's connectors poking through the metal hole in the middle of the steering wheel.

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