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Originally Posted by AllBlackBimmer View Post
Nice.. thanks for all the pics! You need to throw up a pic of your whole car now just to get a feel for the overall exterior feel

Doesn't look like they hang down too low at all. and besides, I respect those parking blocks, I've seen my buddy rip his entire front bumper off on one of those things I don't pull that far forward (or back up that far) that any part of my car "overhangs" any curbs. ... yes, that is my car sticking out 2 feet past the ford F-250


I was informed the splitters from JB Speed are in fact the SAME ones you (and I will be) ordering for $110 off of ebay. apparently the seller is or goes to, the same person.

I will be ordering the spillters from ebay VERY SOON, i can't wait
Thanks for the compliments and I'm glad I could help with pics! I'll try to find time and borrow a DSLR to have an official photoshoot.... I've been fortunate enough to not experience having anything ripped out by parking blocks