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Jehnerts are a 11 o clock not even half way .

Jehnerts are a 11 o clock not even half way .
The Morels are turned up just a little from all the way off.
Morels play lower so you may have to account of that with
your frequency adjustments.
Is your source music recorded at a high enough level to be above the noise floor.
Never had noise on either the stock OEM system or the aftermarket system . Any thing will sound noisy if the volume is floored I think . It shouldn't happen at moderate levels.

You should be getting incredible accurate tight
3d bass from this setup I do. And actually the bass
takes off before the door speakers do in my case.
I can occasionally feel the bass through the seats,
but its not getto bass that just rattles the car.

My kit came with 04 power cable and is grounded at the battery (on the battery I was told this the least noisy ground in the car)

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