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Yes, I had the snapshot from progressive. After first month they give u the discount up to 30% for the rest of ur 6 month plan, the. After 6 months you take it out and get x% for the rest of your life on that car. For me it was worth it. I get 18% off my regular premium. Why would you say no to that. That's a lot of money specially NJ insurance lol. I just had to drive like a grandma. They told me they look at 3 things only 1 how hard you break, 2 how many miles you drive per month, and 3 what times you drive ( there are certain brackets of time when is better than other times, like during rush hour is bad, or 2 am on a weekend is bad lol. Anyway I live 2 miles from work so I never put a lot of miles on. Also just don't break hard, you can still floor it , just don't hit the breaks 10 sec later lol.! Anyway, 18% for me was best choice ever. And after 6 months you just send the module back and that's it!
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