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Originally Posted by CraigUK View Post
I would definitely agree that they do seem expensive for what is a relatively small car. Something seems to appeal though about 4wd, 265BHP and a DSG gearbox with loads of tuning potential thrown in for free.

I'm on my fourth BMW at the moment though and whilst I'm more than happy with them I'm struggling to see what my next purchase will be unless I wait for another year for the F31 prices to fall a bit.
I have an RS3 although love it and there's not much out there that can get 4 people and luggage from A-B as quick safely (especially this time of year) it is a dull drive compared to most BMs the S3 is very tuneable and with the 4wd system the extra power is useable most of the time but coming from a BM I think you might get bored quickly (unless your an old fart like me )