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Yes, the bass is incredible. It's tight and controlled, yet I still feel the punch. I have the gain set to 6 o'clock for the underseats, and it seems to be sufficient at the moment. If I go any higher, the lows seem to become a bit too 'boomy', if that's the right word to describe it, and overpowers the mids/tweeters.

I can't figure out the hiss yet. It seems like a soft 'electronic whine' of sorts. I don't think it's related to the alternator, as it doesn't correlate with rpm. It's more like background hiss/static. I can't turn up the gains on the doors above minimum, or the hiss becomes pretty apparent.

My rca extensions from the harness to the amp are just 'regular' unshielded/untwisted cables, so I'm not sure if those could be picking up noise. Also, the new wiring from the amp to the speakers runs either along the left side of the car for the lefts, or along the transmission tunnel and up above the glovebox for the rights.

I will try grounding at the battery but i need to get a longer ground wire first. I'm currently grounding at the left fender above the amp. Any other things I could look at?

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