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Possible future real LPFP and HPFP solution

We have shipped a fuel tank and bucket assembly to a very reputable company that manufactures drop in fuel pump solutions supporting upwards of 1500 HP on many platforms. They are going to be doing R&D and hopefully making us a real fuel pump solution on the LP side of things. This will be a replacement drop in bucket, which will hold one or two pumps of your choosing based on your HP needs and include all wiring needed to make it work. This is all the info I am going to give at this time. Do the DIY pump solutions work? Darn right they do, does the Vishu pump solution work, it sure does. But as the platform progresses, which it is quickly. It is going to start needing parts manufactured specifically for the task of supporting big HP. Hopefully we will be able to offer some of them in the future. Before questions start flooding the company doesn't even have the tank and bucket yet, supposed to get there monday. So this info is all I have. Also Ok Scratch that, you guys got me inspired so I called again. I spoke with a company that modifies HPFP's and they informed me that they have done extensive testing on the 335i HPFP and have stage one upgrade planned that does 30% more fuel and a stage 2 that does 60% more fuel. We are figuring out a deal to sell their pump upgrades. In the mean time they told me to send them my pump and they will do stage 1 on it and send it back for free, to test on stage 3 car. Needless to say its already boxed and going out today. We shall see how it goes.

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