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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Ha, good catch. To be fair, the 86 would certainly benefit from stickier tires, not the Prius garbage. But I still want more power, it's clearly capable of handling it. This reminds me of the original Boxster and it's anemic engine with a great chassis.
Do you consider the S2000 underpowered?

Do you consider that a time difference of only 6 seconds in the Nurburgring circuit is big enough for one to even care about more power in the Toyobaru?

Do you understand the Prius tires whole idea?

If you say 'Prius garbage' I think you are missing the whole concept BIG time...

BTW, the Boxster tires always were and still are too wide for anyone to be able to upset the chassis in a nice and progressive way without big power and electronic 'vectoring bullshit' gizmos... do you understand the difference?