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Originally Posted by madbill683
Will have to consider the BT tool. This is my wife's daily car, and she loves it. She's worried BMW will stop bringing the wagons over, when she's ready for a new one in ~5 years.

I'll get an allen wrench and attempt the TC fluid job. Funny, the dealer quote was reasonable, except they quoted 2L of fluid at $55 per liter (it only holds less than 1L) and the labor was $75. Cheaper than the BT tool right now....

What did you think of my drain & fill idea for the tranny?
If you mean, just draining and refilling, thats what I did. Pan/filter will be next time (depends on how oil looks). Quick pointer on that, you refill it first with engine off. Then turn engine on. Then pump more in, takes more. Then do not shut engine off prior to replacing the plug. I did that, without knowing and paid for it. Ton of oil came out. Good thing I had bought extra. So, with engine on, fill until it comes out, put the plug back on then shut engine off. you should be good to go. Also do tranny reset. There is a very simple procedure. Can't remember the routine but it's in here someplace.