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Just had mine installed today. Still may have a few alignment issues, just for overall clearance, but as it sits, the tips/muffler are fine and I'm not worried about clearance. Just verifying that it can't be "tucked" a bit more. That brace would require over an inch spacer to fit back on as the pipe currently sits.

However, overall I'm very happy with it. This is the first vid I've ever done so give me some leeway.

Sony Action Cam

There's some rattles from one of the arms not being tightened down entirely, but you should get the idea.

I'm working on editing out another video of the cold start, but I probably won't get to that until this weekend.

Car is a 2009 335i AT. VRSF catless downpipes, ETS 5" FMIC, CP-e DCI, ER charge pipe with dual Forge Diverter valves. Cobb AP Stage 2+(aggressive 4.02 map). Also has OS Giken SuperLock TCD rear diff, upgraded front sways and a few other mods that are not yet installed.

I dyno'd on a DynoJet at 351/395. However, had a bit of a boost leak issue and ended up also needing a walnut blasting job. Will be dyno'd and custom tuned again(this time on a Mustang)

Install was done at TurnInConcepts in Fairfield, OH. These guys design a lot of parts and work with a lot of fabricators and they were really impressed with the quality/finish of the whole exhaust. Even more so when I told them the price.

There is a bit of noticeable drone at about 2000rpm that seems entirely resonating from the transmission tunnel. It really wasn't all that loud and only lasts from about 1800rpm to 2200rpm. I think this could be easily addressed with a resonator if it was enough to bother someone...and with the cost of this's still a freaking steal even if you do have to throw a resonator on there(which frankly, when you install an exhaust, there's so many variables in the sound that almost EVERYONE should be open to having to possibly modify it a bit to fit their exact personal tastes...otherwise, leave it stock).

I'm happy with it. The only issue I may eventually deal with is possibly adding a small resonator, but it's too early for me to even say that's necessary.

The exhaust adds a bit of volume at idle. Of course it's noticeable on a cold start. At low RPM's, you get a low grumble that isn't terribly pronounced unless you're near the car. As you increase the rpm's, the sound goes up, but definitely in a more mild fashion. It's just a "bit" louder than stock, but still a little bit deeper as well. The words "mild" and "subtle" were tossed around quite a bit. Which I like. We got rid of the rear cats for better flow/hp and just a slightly more aggressive tone, without attracting undue attention. Something my car excels at(nobody blames the Bluewater Metallic car if a black or red one is nearby).