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Buying Rims for Porsche Cayenne

Hey guys, I need a little help here.

My 2004 Cayenne V6 came with 17" 235/60?/R17 and the tires need to be replaced soon. I was just thinking of buying another set of rims+tires combo from a person off of craigslist. The ones that I'm looking to buy are the Porsche rims that were offered as a option at factory.

So my question is, what are the benefits and downsides of changing my rims/tires From: 17" 235/60?/R17 To: 275/45/R19?
  • I'm guessing there will be a slightly rougher ride even though the 19' still have a large sidewall
  • Fuel economy drop?
  • The handling should improve?

Also, when I go and buy these rims I should probably meet him at a tires/wheel place in which they can check for any bends in the rims?

And one last thing, maybe you can tell me your purchasing process of rims from a random person?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure that my car's handling/performance (road).
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