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Originally Posted by dominick View Post
Just wondering how much HP are you gonna be making? Looks sick by the way. Real sleeper.
I'm not sure exactly. I'd hate to throw a number out there and not be anywhere near it. I'm not chasing a number now, but I will have everything for a 750whp set up. The limiting factors now are my stock rods, and exhaust manifold. A guy with a 6262 stock motor on 21psi and 93oct made 475whp only revving to 7200. His power band was dying up top and he trapped 132 in the 1/4. With the 6266, e85, 8k rev limiter, and bigger cams 500whp "should" be easily attainable on 20psi. It makes what it makes though. If it makes 450 I'll still be happy. It'll be plenty quick for what I want to do with it.