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So I washed my war today...

Yes...I know it's -20 degrees, but I couldn't stand looking at my car covered in salt and dirt from a trip up north and back last weekend sitting in my parking garage in nice warm rust inducing temp's. It's been crazy cold all week with no sign of letting up in the next day or two, so I went for it.

Anyways, due to the cold temps I couldn't be bothered dry the car after the wash (coin-op), and most of the water was frozen before I would have been able to dry it anyways.

Long story short, as I was pulling into my parking garage driveway, there was the most god awful crack sound/feeling which seemed to cover the whole roof. Almost sounding like the metal sound of the entire roof warping. I've heard ice cracking on cars here and there before with my many years of winter driving, but nothing like this.

Hate to sound overly paranoid (but let's admit most of us are with our rides), but any chance I permanantly f'd something up, or was it just the big think sheet of ice likely frozen on my roof cracking and making a brutal sound. I'm worried water got into the sunroof area, or rear window area, and lifted/cracked something with the chassis twisting motion that happens when turning into a sloped driveway.