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Originally Posted by newdadkel View Post
Funny part from last night was when one of JJ's training partners fought. He really was not THAT impressive but Chael was all over JJ about making him the first pic, and how the next 10 years of training would be weird if he wasnt his first pic. Most entertaining night of TUF in the last 3 seasons!
lol yeah that shit was gold!

It was pretty funny to me seeing how all the black dudes wanted to be on JJ's team >_<! And why do they always have perfect physiques O_O!!! It's like taking the DNA of Check Kongo and adding it into every male black fighter!

Donno about the first fight pick from JJ tho, we'll see how it works out next week.

Anyone else think got a giggle when the dad said he was living off coupons, powder milk and spam? I was rooting for him cuz it was for his two kids but that sentence had me reeling.

I want to see the Donkey Kong double fist kid get KTFO. Seriously bro? DK first attack?