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Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
Open a new Ebay account , purchase some bits from him then either put them on dispute or smash them and take plenty off pictures and explain to ebays dispute team you are returning them as damaged and want a full refund.

My issues with Ebay !

I bought a Rolex Part Nov 2011. He had used a genuine part or pic off the part then shipped me a piece off junk ,First off all I thought its only 250 and serves me right then I had a mental turn ,I asked him nice what his game was and would he like to do the right thing and return the money ? He Ignored me ,So I had to get my Rolex Dealer to verify the part was counterfeit ,I put it on dispute with Paypal /ebay and LLoyds Mastercard it was funny because at one time he thought both had debited a refund to me as in 500 and he had no counterfeit part , I sent the part to Rolex stating he was selling fake Rolex parts .I told him exactly what I was going to by email even time ( Ebays dispute team can and do read the correspondances SO BE WARNED KEEP IT CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL)

He emailed me saying he was coming down from Bridgend to kick my head in as i was a thieving c---, I sent him a nice email saying please just let me know when you intend coming down as it is a long way and dont want you to have a wasted journey or allternativly call at my works and ask at reception (said I worked for Sussex police serious fraud unit ) and would be pleased to meet him and discuss further .

Ebay is full off C---- now .

Id try and sabourtage his auctions start bidding on everything he has selling etc,I had to do this to some Chinese seller who took my money for some Memeory sticks and failed to deliver the goods ,I told him if you dont reply to my emails fom 6pm tonight I will hit buy it now every hour until you reply after the third time he called my land line that was a little awkward ,I dont know how he got our number but it did get it sorted and we received our sticks .

I got burned last Summer on a John deers mowing deck and got turned over by a Scottish buyer or his misses and im done with it now , Sold a mowing deck 220 gbp and after a week or so he decided it ws significantly different to advertised I ended up giving him 120 back , I got to keep 100 minus fees and felt id been proper fucked over he wanted me to either come in so he could show me what he considered the problem or arrange collection , like 500 miles away it weighed 90+ kg

F--- E--- and the fees stink .

Rant over
Holy s**t and I thought I had it bad. Sorry to hear about your past problems. I've calmed down a hell of a lot now. I was seriously thinking off flying to Estonia with just 1 tie wrap knock on his door, punch him full force in the face.

Put the tie round his neck. Soon as he wakes up, pull the tie wrap as hard as I can. When he's lying there gasping for his last breathe. I finish him off by pi**ing in his mouth.

But as usual I'll just bend over and get bum rushed.

The case is still on going. It annoys me that PayPal have more or less decided in his favour by putting my account in negative balance. So he's won from the start so in the meantime I can't buy or sell on eBay untill it's resolved. Everything I've been selling has just been chipping away at the negative balance.