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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
That was the point of my post, BMW is getting less focused on delivering driver cars.

While I agree on the GT86, can't say I can for the LFA, GS, IS RC or SC...
Well, Lexus hater's (Clarkson) favorite car is the LFA, what is significant at how good the car is. But that was just an exercise that is slowly by slowly trickling down to the normal cars, like GS, new IS and upcoming SC, and "affordable" LFA. Lexus has to focus on weight savings, something that BMW will come up with in the new M3/M4 and next 7 Series. Toyota could benefit from BMW CF expertise and economies of scale, LFA CF plant is expensive, all done inhouse.

I'm not discussing looks and image.

I just think both BMW and Toyota are the best car manufactures and both will benefit. They have to keep up against the VAG empire.