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Well it is not the only ebay, but few people on this forum sell rubbish stuff as well.

And worst part is that you are not covered by any protection and you do not want to name and shame them.

I bought iphone 4S for my other half on this forum. Phone truned up but one of the screw was missing from the bottom of that phone.
Contacted the seller and he stated that he had changed the whole body in good faith to sell immaculate phone to forum members and he missed that screw. And he offered to send a screw and screw driver.

Fair enough, I put the phone back in the box and started waiting for the screw to arrive in post.

Two days later, screw and screw driver arrived. After fitting the scew, I gave the phone to my other half.

On this aftermarket body the home button was loose and tend to rotate (where as on the original body it does not rotate).

And very next day, we discovered that front camera was not working.

So I contacted the seller again and asked him to take it back. By that time, we knew that something went wrong with the phone as why whould you change the body of the phone without fitting all the screws and without checking the front camera (good faith....lies).

This gentleman accused me of droping the phone and making it mess. He also stated that why didn't I tell him earlier. Brilliant. I told him that I did not use the phone as screw was missing. We started using it only when screw was fitted and very next day, I informed him about the camera.

He refused to take it back and offered fixing it. Where do forum members stand ???
So I had to send him the phone back on my cost, and wait for another week. Phone arrived a weerk later and guess what....

The front camera was fake and took absolutely rubbish photos compared to my iphone 4s. Definitely, his technician did not inform him about fitting fake / low resolution camera or he got the cheapest fitted in that phone without caring for others....

I was fed up with this gentleman and his words. You know what you were going to hear if you were to contact him. I simply ignored it and learnt a lesson that do not buy iphones / electronic stuff on this forum...especially those who own E60 / E87 / other cars and come on E90 forums just for selling their rubbish stuff.

You only buy the stuff from those who are well known for their honestly / helpful nature.

Now worst part is that I do not feel confident enough to sell it on. I truly do not feel that it is fair to sell it to somebody in that condition. And I guess I will have to wait till this phone dies and get damaged to buy another one.