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Originally Posted by 335alive View Post
there's a Glide in Georgetown too. that is the ONLY drive-through car wash I will EVER take my vehicle through. otherwise, i only go to coin-op pay n' sprays.

i would NEVER take my car through a soft-cloth wash. as has already been mentioned, grit and stuff can stick to those "tentacles" and swirl or even scratch your paint. no thanks.

i've heard rumours that even touch-less washes use a lot of quick-dry chemicals and crap in the water that can also harm your paint, not to mention worries about the tracks and my i'm also apprehensive about those. not to mention i once had my roof spoiler completely detach and blow off the car once i got to the air-driers...had to get the guy to stop the whole machine and run in there to pick up my spoiler off the ground.

this time of year i personally don't see the point in paying $10+ for a drive-thru wash when the car will just be dirty again in 2 days. I go to the coin op, drop in $4 which usually gets me about 5 minutes, and just go around the car as many times as possible with the high pressure rinse. I don't even bother with soap or anything cause the car is probably going to be just as dirty again in 2 days. dry it off, and away I go.

You could say the same thing after every wash. If you are just spraying then drying you are probably scratching it more than soft cloth washes. Spray get loose stuff off but you are then wiping dirt film off when you dry. Worst thing you could do really. Salt etc under your car will do way more harm than salt on the surface.