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installation was a meth issue I was dealing with. turned out it was a bad pump. Fixed that, upgraded to the G5 JB4, and took forever hooking my n2o back up. I bought a couple more jets .028, .030, .032 Just got the bottle heater working last weekend again. Tried running it and my kickdown blocker keeps the pedal at 98% instead of 100%, so n20 doesn't shoot.

nothing major, just a bunch of little things. That, and I rarely run n2o. I mean one bottle lasted me a year. With the advances of E85, I sometimes wonder if running E85 at say 19psi is the same as running 16psi on 93oct with .028 n2o jet.

And I don't think I want to go the backend flash...I'm kind of done dumping a bunch of money into this. Plus I am at what I feel is the limit of the tranny, and I do NOT want to blow it up.