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Normal, the engine is trying to warm itself quicker by closing one of the two (2) valves to the exhaust until the engine reaches operating temperature.

Originally Posted by morphius909 View Post
My Car is garaged, non heated so approx 0 C overnight.

I have her plugged in via CTEK Battery Charger. It's about -20C.

Every morning the past couple of weeks, I get an odd cold start.

Starts right up no problem, but after a few seconds (RPMS spike to 12-1500 which is usual in cold engine), it drops to about 1000 and then it sounds like it's having trouble breathing, i.e. it sounds like its about to completely stall but when I look at the RPM its solid at 1000. Then I hear it burbling like a tractor. and its all good. I can take a video if you guys want.

Okay I have PPk2 and Performance Exhaust. Not sure if that makes a difference.

After about 10 seconds it completely smooths out. Never a check engine light. No performance issues.


Fuel Pump/Injector/Spark Plug issues??
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