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Originally Posted by ptack View Post
Stripping out the insides makes it a better track toy, but more power could give you the same result and keep it as a useable car.
No way ptack! There's absolutely NO substitute to the lower weight. This is the basic rule that everyone should keep in mind.

More power implies bigger rubber, bigger wheels, bigger brake systems, structural reinforcements to the chassis, strut tower bars, bigger sway bars, more engine components, stiffer suspensions, poorer ride compliance, poorer emissions standards, more fuel consumption... in a word: MORE WEIGHT!!!

Once you get there... all you got is poorer dynamics and then to make up for what you've just lost you start to add electronic damper suspensions, active sway bars, not fully defeatable Electronic Stability Controls, variable cylinder management with cylinder deactivation, etc... and finally after all the money you've spent you say to yourself, ok my car is aimed to the luxury market, so you give it a price tag to match and probably you will end up calling it... hummm... Porsche or something like that!!!

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