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Originally Posted by nickkg37s View Post
I was under the impression that the Cobb uses the throttle plate to control over boost issues and that procede uses its waste gates to control that issue. Which was why procede had better boost control? But I could be wrong.
The JB4, Procede, Cobb, and Factory DME use the throttle plate to correct overboost scenarios. To what degree varies, and Cobb has reduced the Throttle plates interferance in overboost scenarios greatly over the factory DME. Cobb/DME will use PID tables to correct boost overshoots, which the PROcede and JB4 will do as well, but apparently they go about it differently. If you are getting overboosts with any flash tune, it just means the base WGDC table needs adjusting. As the tune adapts, PID will reduce the actual WGDC to account from overshoots/undershoots in its history, to a point.