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Originally Posted by nitjt View Post
Shop foreman took a ride with me in my 335 m sport to witness the car drifting to the right, he says there is nothing to correct that its normal to go right due to road crown. He believes with sport suspension the car is just following the road. We drove both local and hwy and when he took his hand off the wheel the car would slowly drift right. I have to keep the wheel just ever so slightly left to keep the car going straight. We took a loaner 335 and it did the same thing is this normal? Do your cars go straight without input? If you let the wheel go do your cars go straight down the road? I can't scan my alignment report I will try and post a picture of it so you guys can see how it's set up after the alignment.

She don't drift right.

But, a crown can make it so....try a level surface, maybe a shopping center parking lot.