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Originally Posted by C9A1L1L View Post
They are hard to maintain to the point of profit. There was a shop out here in Sac that did it first before this one (it even had a dyno and welding/fab area) Would have loved to see it last because when I finally had use for the place it was already out of business.
Yeah, I hear you. But, Techshop is doing quite well and they serve a similar audience. In fact, in the Bay Area alone, there are 3 techshop locations.

By my naive estimates, they will need a few monthly members to make due, but the future will tell. Whatever it is, I'm making plans to use this resource while I can- I'm changing all of my fluids, installing the SSK as soon as it gets here, doing the m3 suspension swap this summer, and am on the hunt for a lightly used performance exhaust.