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I Gotta Have It!

So you are buying a BMW and you don't have a lot of money to load the car up, so you are buying a base model with one option (not a package having several, though you can, hypothetically, select one option from within a package). Assuming all options are available as stand-alone things, what would you pick? (Option is defined as anything you can't get for free on the car.)

  • 3er - X-Drive because it makes my car good all year long, and it snows here. Otherwise I'd have picked sport suspension.
  • 1er - Sport Suspension because X-Drive isn't offered at all on the 1er.
  • All other models -- well, if it were one of the other models, the "you don't have a lot of money" criterion wouldn't apply, now would it? LOL

I'm just asking because I'm curious as to what it is folks value most in these cars.

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