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(ISSUE RESOLVED) Just got Scammed

I bought what he claimed to be a BMW PERFORMANCE EXHAUST. We face timed and and i saw the chrome tips and i agreed to the transaction. I paid through Paypal and he shipped right away using ups, tracking number etc. after i got it, i went to get it installed. After installing it we started up the car. I didn't hear a difference at all. Keeping in mind that he only gave me the muffler i realized that i needed a y-pipe to complete the BMW performance exhaust. So i went ahead and deleted the resonator and got the y-pipe installed. After all this money and time spent i still didn't hear what i should be. So after all this the muffler ended up being a stock muffler but he welded on chrome tips. I am not to experienced in exhausts and did not know to look for the plate that is supposed to be welded on. I tried to contact incantana through text again. he did reply the first few times but he would not stop claiming that he indeed sold me a bmw performance exhaust. I asked him to refund me my money, and he could subtract the cost of shipping. Now he doesn't reply and says that I am threatening him. I just wanted to warn fellow forum members for the future.

The one with chrome tips are the one he sold me and the one without is the stock muffler. again he claims the one with chrome tips is a performance muffler.

EDIT: Incantana did refund me the money and is a man of his word. Please do not think twice when dealing with him in the future. Thank you. and thank you Incantana again
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