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Originally Posted by incantana View Post
I sent this guy a performance exhaust. I have no idea what he decided to show you, but if he showed you what i sent him you would have seen a performance exhaust. You can talk all day long about how he showed you something but anyone can show somebody an item they have and claim all day that its the same item that they bought. That however, doesnt make it so. What about the lies he has obviously already made? Such as the fact that I wouldnt text him? Or that he never saw te exhaust before he bought it? I both texted him after the sale and he saw the item before he bought it. There are 2 lies right there that are not up for debate. Name calling is not necessary.
I hear what your saying but I know what you sent was not a performance exhaust I seen the original muffler and the one you sent which is on the car now..the kid didn't go out and buy a stock muffler and then decide to start complaining to get his money back...I have had..seen..and heard plenty of bmw performance exhaust comes nowhere close to sounding..looking...or performing like one...ITS STOCK!!!