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re: customer service is 'awesome'

I've read the posts above and am really confused about this issue of customer
service and Musicar NW.

Not responding to customer inquiries and taking a long time to fill orders does
not seem like "awesome customer service" to any reasonable person.

If parts or items are out of stock, then it is the responsibility of the "awesome"
business to let their customers know - A.S.A.P. That will proactively alleviate
repeated inquiries.

Anyone spending literally thousands of $ is entitled to know whether their order will be delayed. Failure to provide the information will lead to inquiries.
Failure to respond to the inquiries will lead to additional inquiries.

I agree that Musicar NW probably sells great equipment that sounds

The customer experience sounds much less than "awesome".

I looked into purchasing from them several months ago. After a very few
email exchanges, my last correspondence went unanswered. I ended up
not placing an order with Musicar NW.

It's not merely the equipment that sets one vendor apart form another - more
than that, it's the SERVICE.