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I also experienced some issues with alignment previously where my car was drifting right.

I had my car re-aligned once, but it was still drifting right. So I thought maybe the alignment wasn't done properly.

Then I took it to a reputable tire shop (they do actual racing and corner balancing, etc) to check for alignment and they didn't see any issues with the alignment, but they did notice that the car was pulling right very slightly even on a flat surface.

They first said it might be the tires, so we switched the wheels between the left and the right side, but the car was still pulling right. So we eliminated that this right pull was caused by the wheels or tires.

Then they adjusted the camber to compensate for the right pull, but it didn't fix it either.

Turns out that it was the steering wheel was off centered. So whenever I had the steering wheel on the center, it would naturally drift right.

There can be other issues, too, but I think you'll have to rule things out 1 by 1 to really account for everything. It takes time, but I'm sure you can solve it if you approach this systematically.

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