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The BMW slip ring has three major parts: A top cover, which we've already removed; an inner cover, to which the the other end of connectors (that lead to the steering wheel) are attached; and a bottom part that houses the spindle that the cables wrap around. Let's release this other top part where the connectors are housed.

First, break off the red bulb. Sorry, I didn't photograph this but just snap it off. You can't break it because it is meant to be broken off.

Then, we need to pop the little plastic latches. In the pic, at about 12 o'clock, you can see that I slid a flat-head screwdriver up through the center of the slip ring to help me release the tabs. Again, don't break anything... There are only four of these so there aren't that many to back you up if you bust 'em!

I see now that in this photo, the slip ring in this pic has already been heavily altered (cutting at about 7 o'clock for example) - I couldn't find an earlier pic, sorry. In the lower right-hand corner (sticking out into the white part of the middle of the slip ring pic) you can see the headers of a connector that I added.
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