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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
So its Wi Fi which has no bit limit.(well sorta as far as music)
But still Pandora and Spotify don't transmit at high bit rates, do they?
I am also wondering what it costs to get moblile wi fi with a decent
amount of GB's and that doesn't drop out.
Pandora transmits at 192 kbps I believe, MOG and Spotify Extreme now stream 320kbps. The iPhone picks up the stream over 3g/4g and then transmits it through the in-car WiFi network via Airplay to the Airport Express. Bandwidth in this case is limited (by the Airport Express) to 16 bit / 44.1 kHz which is CD quality. Airplay can actually transmit at higher bandwidths, at least 24/96 from what I have read, but I would need another receiver to replace the AE, and I am not aware of such a device, at least not in the sub $100 range.
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