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Day 2 was a bit less successful. Reinstalled the sails and the door panels tonight, managed to snap the plastic arm that the lock connects to . The cold weather made all the plastic quite brittle. Lost 6 door panel clips, will have to buy some.

I also ran the driver's side wiring, no problems there. fished it via the sill under the the rear seat. The passenger side is not going as well, however. My current path is up the carpeting to the center console then following it. I got the back back but could not just shove anything up there, too tight (twss) so I just pulled up instructions on the web about how to disassemble the rear of the center console. That seems easy enough. So the wiring will go under the carpet, but the console wall, around and down the driver's side and then following the sill to the rear.

Other than that, work pulled me off the job and onto not-fun stuff. Sigh.